AML Oceanographic Delivers MVP for New Swedish Research Vessel

AML Oceanographic has supplied a Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) for the new Swedish research vessel ‘RV Svea’. 

The newbuild vessel, owned by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), will be used by the university and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) for a variety of environmental surveys, from monitoring ocean acidification to assessing fish stock.

By including a MVP on the new vessel, the scientists expect to gain a clearer understanding of the oceanographic dynamics encountered in the Baltic Sea.

The MVP200 will collect CTD, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll A data continuously and in real-time while the vessel travels at 10-11 knots.

Until now we have only been collecting profile data from the water column by conducting traditional CTD casts where you need to stop the vessel to make a cast. Ship time is very expensive, and the vessels are often on a tight schedule. On top of that, the staff is already busy and doesn’t have a lot of time for extra work. So it is not easy to collect several extra CTD-profiles during a cruise. However, with a MVP200 we expect to be able to significantly increase the number of profiles without adding cruise time or extra work,” said Daniel Bergman-Sjöstrand, oceanographic engineer, SMHI.

This contract was secured through Casco Antiguo, a local AML agent in Spain.

The RV Svea will be delivered from Armon Shipyard in Spring 2019.

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