Allianse Innovasjon Joins GCE | Subsea World News

Norwegian technology startup Allianse Innovasjon has become member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster.

Allianse Innovasjon (AI) has partnered with several companies to provide a more whole approach to solving technology challenges in the ocean sphere.

For us it was natural progression to apply for membership in the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, since we already are a contributing part of VIS Ocean Industries,” says founding partner Arnt Dietel.

AI does not believe that individual companies can solve the most complex customer needs within technology by themselves. Therefore, we have formed an alliance of companies that complement each other in terms of experience and technology.”

All projects are managed by the alliances’ internal partners in order to reduce the project risk and increase project success rate. – The company is basically based on the principles of open innovation and alliance theory,” says Dietel. “The AI team has a varied background ranging from banking, subsea design to complex automation of manual tasks.”

AI Technology helps companies gain competitive advantage by redesigning and eliminating manual tasks in the client organisation. By doing this the client can refocus on their more value adding core tasks.

Often companies do not know what technologies to combine and experience to apply to innovate the company,” says partner and Head of Technology, Geir Opheim. “Therefore, AI teamed up with the leading automation tools, software developers, machine learning specialists and data gatherers to position their clients for future competitive advantage.”

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