Aker Solutions Eyes More Efficient Projects and Ops with ix3

Aker Solutions has launched ix3 – a software and digital services company that enables operators to accelerate field development projects and optimize asset performance.

ix3 has created a digital twin platform called Integral that brings together engineering, manufacturing and test data with live-streamed operational data.

Integral monitors, assesses, maintains and optimizes energy assets from concept to decommissioning. It can improve the design and operating efficiency of energy assets by enabling teams to make better decisions, Aker Solutions explains.

Our software solutions have contributed to improved quality and performance on 140 projects in the last 15 years, with benchmarked results. We have combined our cutting-edge software with deep domain knowledge in ix3 to help our customers deliver more efficient projects and operations. Our digital offerings are a key differentiator and contributor to Aker Solutions growth and profitability,” said Dean Watson, chief operating officer of Aker Solutions.

According to Aker Solutions, one of the main barriers to digitalization in the sector to date has been data quality. Integral, reportedly,  addresses this by bringing together structured and easily searchable information via applications. All information about a field or facility is maintained in an up-to-date, centralized place and connects the operator with contractors and other service suppliers. It brings together cloud computing, Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The ix3 suite of apps is radically transforming how we work. They accelerate time to first oil and increase safety and performance throughout the full life of an energy asset. ix3 is named after its core offering: integrated, innovative insight,” said Are Føllesdal Tjønn, head of ix3. “We can reduce months of design and engineering work to weeks. Administration and coordination costs can be significantly reduced during the construction phase while also increasing quality during fabrication.”

ix3 has four software portfolios addressing the full life of field of an energy asset:

Concept Insight enables customers to fully test and trial multiple field development scenarios at a fraction of the time and cost previously possible;

Engineering Insight portfolio automates engineering, design and modeling processes in the FEED or detailed design stages, reducing engineering hours and allowing more time to be spent on creative innovation and value-added activities;

Construction Insight supports continuous improvement and operational efficiency through real-time insight and by supporting a connected workforce working from centralized data;

Operational Insight provides access to real-time condition, risk and performance data from a facility or field enabling quick, confident and targeted decision making.

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