AJS picks up on Mocean WEC work

Fife fabrication firm AJS Production has returned to work to complete Mocean Energy’s Blue Star wave energy prototype.

AJS has split its team to comply with Covid-19 rules and advance the fabrication of the 20-metre long WEC.

Mocean will deploy the half-scale device at EMEC in Orkney for sea trials prior to generating first power in 2021.

Raymond Imrie, managing director at AJS Production Ltd said:

“We’ve split our workforce into two teams, each working 12 hour shifts three days a week.

“One team does Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the other Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This means we can operate at nearly 90 percent capacity.

“We’ve just received new monitors which vibrate if workers come within two metres of each other, and we’re splitting breaks to ensure everyone keeps their distance.

“It’s really important we keep up with this work for Mocean Energy and continue with other contracts we have in the marine renewable energy sector.”

The programme gets £3.3 million support from Wave Energy Scotland through their Novel Wave Energy Converter programme.

Earlier this year, Mocean Energy announced a pilot project with oil major Chrysaor and subsea specialists EC-OG and Modus.

It will study the potential of using Mocean WEC to power a subsea battery and a remote underwater vehicles.

Mocean Energy managing director, Cameron McNatt, said:

“Our nacelle is now nearing completion and has gone to the paint shop, so the AJS team is now working on the main hull.

“We are looking ahead to seeing the whole device being completed and transporting it up to Orkney.

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