Acoustic Data rolls out high expansion retainer

UK-based wireless well technology player Acoustic Data has developed a new slickline deployed high expansion retainer for cement and metal alloy plug and abandonment (P&A) applications.

In the case of new-generation metal alloy plugs, the HEX-Retainer can integrate with the company’s SonicGauge plug verification system (PVS) for real-time long-term barrier integrity monitoring purposes.

The SonicGauge PVS uses wireless communication in the form of acoustic telemetry to transmit downhole pressure measured below the barrier to surface, or alternatively, in deep-set applications, to a SonicReceiver unit that can be permanently installed above the plug or deployed via slickline, as required.

The integrated HEX-Retainer solution has been designed to run-in-hole via a single slickline run and is compatible with a broad range of tubing and casing diameters.

Guy Mason, CTO at Acoustic Data, said: “With the lower oil price expected to increase P&A activity in the UKCS, we are offering a technology that won’t add rig time but will provide long-term barrier assurance to operators as they decommission assets. Safety is our number one priority and this solution gives operators the confidence to know that any plugged well is maintaining well integrity while complying with regulatory well monitoring requirements.”

The announcement follows the company’s launch of its new remote deployment model for its SonicGauge System to overcome travel restrictions relating to COVID-19. Specifically, the solution enables operators to self-install a real-time wireless downhole monitoring system without requiring specialist engineers onsite.

The SonicGauge has seen over 150 deployments and has also 100+ years of accumulated downhole monitoring time globally.

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